Door Designer

Our Next Generation Door Designer!

When building our new website the most important thing we kept in mind was our Customer’s Experience. Our aim is for our customers to use this site as a resource, to get ideas from, and to further their understanding of all of the home improvement products we have to offer. That said, when we were made aware of the fantastic Door Designer software we knew we had to offer it to our customers! …

So what is our…Door Designer?

Our Door Designer is a very powerful yet simple tool that allows you to customise every aspect of your door from handles and hinges to colours and glass. There is even an option to upload a photo of your house, then when you have finalised your door design you can super impose it and see what it looks like on your own home . It basically gives you the ability to visualise what an endless amount of door designs could look like on your property, how neat is that?

Once you are completely happy with your door design simply select the ‘Request a Quote’ tab and fill in your contact details, we will receive the design and will contact you with a quotation within 48 hours.

Door Designer