Edwardian Conservatories in Cumbria

Why Should I Invest In A Conservatory?

Hotter weather seems to make a conservatory hot property as we usually experience a rise in demand for this extravagant extension at this point in the year. Therefore, to give you a little food for thought we would give you a few answers to an ever popular question we are receiving from our customers – Why should I invest in a Conservatory?

Restores space

It seems an obvious thing to say but a conservatory is a fantastic method of providing you with additional space.

The Victorian, Edwardian and P-shaped conservatories are vast inside and will compensate for any lack of space inside the rest of the house. Smaller conservatory designs like the Lean-to also provide a surprisingly generous volume of space.


The very first conservatories were solely used to house tropical plants, but nowadays they serve multiple purposes for different people.

Some choose to turn it into a luxurious dining area so that they have somewhere spectacular to invite friends and family over for food, whilst others prefer to set it up as a personal office where they can work from home.

Unites home and garden

It can be frustrating when you’re inside your home and your garden somehow feels a million miles away.

You can significantly narrow the gap between your home and garden by installing a conservatory between the two destinations to better connect them. Integrating patio, French or bi-folding doors into the design and opening them will also help to make the house and garden feel like one giant living space.

Exotic location

You cannot help but be intoxicated by a conservatory. That moment when you walk into the structure for the first time will leave your hairs standing on end and it’s a feeling that never goes away.

Visitors to your home will experience that exact same sensation and leave with nothing but good opinions on what they have seen.

Home buyers love them

The time may eventually come when you fancy selling up and moving onto pastures new. You will probably want a quick sale, rather than see your home languishing on the market for months or even years, and a conservatory could help your cause.

Most home buyers love conservatories as they give them additional space where they can further stamp their personality on the place.

Improve resale value

As well as helping entice buyers to put in an offer, a recent Telegraph article by Phil Spencer suggests a conservatory can add around 7 per cent to the value of a house (Source)

Investment in an appropriately styled conservatory that neatly matches the architecture of the house goes a long way and could see you make a tidy little profit once a sale has been secured.